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Email is typically the easiest way to get a hold of me.

I will respond to all phone or email messages as quickly as possible.

If I am unavailable by phone please leave a message! 

I check and return messages several times each day.


When with a client or during an inspection my phone is typically off.

I will give you the same respect & uninterrupted attention during your inspection!  I am also frequently in areas that do not have cell reception.

When calling from outside Guam, please keep in mind the time difference.  Also, please let me know where you are calling from and the best time (your time) to call back.  That way I can calculate the time difference and return your call accordingly.

Anyone else is just looking around. ®

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Rich Ulloa

Inspector ID# NACHI16110206

Guam Home Inspections 

 Suite 101, 597 N Marine Drive

Tamuning, Guam 96913



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