What do my past clients have to say?

“We would have called or written to you immediately after receiving the report .... but we simply did not have enough superlatives on the tip of our tongues.
THANK YOU SO VERY VERY MUCH for the excellent, very professional, detailed and comprehensive inspection and report.”
Susan Hammer & Lana Leffingwell

“Money well spent! Being a new home owner has it's many stresses, but this wasn't one of them. Guam Home Inspections helped my wife and I identify potential problem areas in our new home that we may never have found. His keen knowledge led to discoveries that will save us thousands in the future. His reports and documentation were so detailed that our seller was able to move in the next day and work on the items listed. I strongly recommend his services to anyone buying a home. Thank you!”
Tony & Ashley Ard

"The service was extremely thorough. I was very impressed with both the inspection and the report, especially the timely manner in which it was done."
Jacob Albers

"As first-time home buyers, we have learned that even getting a newly constructed home was the best decision we made thanks in part to the recommendation of our Realtor. In my honest opinion, it is the best investment you can make in addition to buying the home itself, especially when the potential home was not being built under your direct supervision.
The inspection saves you from either buying into a new home that could turn out to be the worst investment of your life due to unseen problems that may slip past someone with no knowledge of what to look for when inspecting a house (old or new) themselves. For us it was the opposite, thanks to Mr. Jason Crandall of Guam Home Inspectors. He was very thorough with our home inspection, down to the smallest detail. As a result he not only saved us a lot of extra costs for what turned out to be minor fixes to our potential home, but he also gave us peace of mind about what we were investing in.
So to anyone who may have any concerns about the need to get a home inspection...trust us when we say that paying that extra bit of money for a professional's opinion before buying the house can and will help you to make the best decision or even avoid the worst decision in regard to getting too invested and potentially losing more than you bargained for.
So thanks again Jason for the great work and that peace of mind. We have no hesitations in referring Guam Home Inspectors to any potential home buyers in the future."
T. Cruz & J. Garcia

"Thank you too for the excellent service. I'm very impressed with your professionalism and skill in your craft. You made that process very relaxing. You did not talk down to me and you took the time to explain things that you know will be helpful for me. You were like a knowledgeable brother who was helping me with a project. The report you put together is very well done and it will be very helpful when I go back to do the actual repairs. Thank you again for the excellent service and I will be sure to recommend you highly should I get the opportunity."
Marcus Law

"Thank you very much for taking your time to thoroughly inspect our new house and answering our numerous questions. It was pleasant to work with a competent professional."
Todd Wright

"I appreciate your thoroughness, taking the time to explain things to me during the inspection, and same-day delivery of the inspection report. I'd definitely recommend you to friends and family. "
Pete Diaz

"Thanks you! It was great meeting you and hearing all of your helpful insight regarding the house."
Kristin Stafford

"Thanks for your time and effort with the house inspection. I learned a great deal working with you and appreciate you explaining things to me. I've your card and will be passing your good work along to friends."
Peter Houk

"Absolutely amazing! Thank you for the quick report as well. I'll be giving your contact info to my fellow military folks looking to purchase a house. I'm glad we invited you to conduct the inspection. Jen and I couldn't have been happier. Thank you once again!."
Jake Arriola

"Great working with you, and I appreciate the sound advice. Thanks for everything, and I'll happily recommend you to friends."
Phil Benjamin

"Thank you so much for providing the additional information as requested. We are sure to remember you, your attention to detail, your patience and understanding, and especially your professionalism when the time presents itself to refer you to our friends or colleagues who may be in need of your type of service."
Jennifer & Jack Manley

"Thanks for the report and for your thorough inspection. I appreciate your candor and the time you took to discuss the issues with me. I appreciate that I can follow up with you also if any other issues arise. I've never been impressed with the inspection services I've used in the past, but I will definitely recommend you to my acquaintances."
Brent Lindberg

"Thank you very much. It was a pleasure working with you and I am very satisfied with your service and will be sure to refer you whenever I get the chance."
Chris & Allie Meiers

"Top Notch!!! Thorough, professional, timely, great easy to read presentation!"
Denise Curtis

"Thank you for getting the inspection report to us this evening. We appreciate your professionalism and the personal attention you gave us today! ...Again, thank you for your time and help. We'll definitely recommend your company!!"
Jill Headrick & Tim Lewis

"Thank you for doing the inspection with such short notice so that we could follow you around. I learned a lot and even though there were few discrepancies, I consider the money well spent."
Kurt & Sheila Bieberbach

"Thanks for emailing us the inspection report. I also wanted to thank you for all the good advice you gave us. It was a pleasure meeting you and being around someone who has the integrity that you have towards your work. If we have any questions, Vera or I will certainly give you a call."
Paul & Vera Potash

"Very Positive! …is very thorough & eagerly answers questions, polite & impressive. I will be recommending them to my friends. Everything has really been great! "
Freddie Williams

"Jason has worked with my clients on many occasions. He is professional, timely and respectful of both buyers and sellers. I highly recommend their services."
Donna Swords

"Just a brief note to say thanks and to let you know what a great and wonderful job you do. I really appreciate the way you are so helpful & understanding of my clients."
Anne Ramsey

"I recommend Guam Home Inspections to all my 'For Sale By Owner' borrowers. As a loan officer I rely upon the Real Estate Agent, but when there is not one involved these guys always look out for all interested parties. I recommend them personally and professionally."
Mary Lee, Sr. Loan Officer

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